What version of SQL Server 2005 do I have?
Updated: 6/20/2008 12:25:00 AM
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There are several different flavors of SQL Server 2005 floating around. Note that there is no longer going to be a push toward a milestone like "Beta 3," so don't be watching for it. Microsoft has adopted a CTP-only approach that will be in place for the remainder of the beta period.

As for specific build numbers, I have tried to maintain a mapping table, and while it has all of the public releases, it only shows some of the versions that were distributed to smaller audiences, such as TAP customers and other early adopters.

Run the following query (which uses a CTE, for fun):

WITH Version(ver)
        CHARINDEX(' - ', @@VERSION)+3,
SELECT Build = LEFT(ver, CHARINDEX(' ', ver))
    FROM Version

(Note that this query will not run on SQL Server 2000 or other previous versions.)

You should see a result from this table:

Build Explanation
9.00.608 Beta 1
9.00.645 Internal build (???)
9.00.747 Internal build (IDW1)
9.00.767 Internal build (IDW2)
9.00.790 Internal build (IDW3)
9.00.823 Internal build (IDW4)
9.00.836 Express Edition Technical Preview
9.00.844 Internal build (???)
9.00.849 Internal build (???)
9.00.852 Beta 2
9.00.917 Internal build (???)
9.00.951 October CTP Release
9.00.981 December CTP Release
9.00.1090 March CTP Release
(Documented as "February")
9.00.1116 April CTP Release
9.00.1187 June CTP Release
9.00.1314 September CTP Release
9.00.1399.06 RTM
9.00.1500 HotFix described in the following KB articles:

KB #910375
KB #910376
KB #910414
KB #910416
KB #910418
KB #910419

9.00.1502 HotFix described in KB #915793
9.00.1514 HotFix described in KB #912471
9.00.1518 HotFix described in the following KB articles:

KB #912322
KB #912439
KB #912472
KB #913371

9.00.2029 SP1 Beta
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